List of colleges having no e-mail id

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Sl# College Name
1 Academy of Management Studies (MBA)
2 Apex Institute of Technology & Management, Pahal (MBA)
3 Berhampur Ayurvedic College,Berhampur
4 Bijupattnaik Homeopathic College & Hospital
5 BRM International Institute of Technology (Engineering)
6 Center for IT Education (Engineering)
7 Centre for IT Education (MBA)
8 Centre for Management Studies (MBA)
9 Centurian Institute of Technology (MBA)
10 Centurion Institute of Technology, Khurda (Engineering)
11 Centurion University of Technology & Management, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
12 Eklavya College of Technology and Science, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
13 Gandhi Engineering College (MBA)
14 Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneswar (MCA)
15 Gandhi Institute of Computer Studies (Engineering)
16 Gayatri College of Management (MBA)
17 Gurukul College of Engineering for Women, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
18 Gurukul Institute of Technology, Janla (MBA)
19 Hi-Tech Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
20 Hi-Tech Institute of Technology, Bnubaneswar (MBA)
21 Indic Institute of Design and Research, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
22 Indira Gandhi Memorial Ayurvedic College,Bhubaneswar
23 Indus College of Egineering, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
24 Indus College of Engineering (MBA)
25 Institute of Advanced Computer & Research (Engineering)
26 Institute of Advanced Computer & Research (MBA)
27 Institute of Advanced Computer and Research, Rayagada (Engineering)
28 Institute of Agriculture Science, SOA
29 Institute of Mathmatics (Engineering)
30 Institute of Physics (Engineering)
31 International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar (Self Sustaining) (Engineering)
32 Interscience Institute of Computer Application (Engineering)
33 ITER Engineering College,Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
34 Kabiraj Anant Tripathy Sharma College,Ankushpur
35 KIIT Engineering College,Bhubaneswar (Engineering)
36 Majhighariani Institute of Technology and Science, Rayagada (Engineering)
37 Mayurbhanj Ayurved mahavidyalaya,Baripada
38 Mayurbhanj Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital,Baripada
39 National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela
40 NIIST Inernational Institute of Management (MBA)
41 NM Institute of Engineering &Technology (Engineering)
42 Orissa Computer Academy (Engineering)
43 Orissa Medical College of Homeopathic & Research,Sambalpur
44 PJ College of Management & Technology (MBA)
45 Rahul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Berhampur (Engineering)
46 Rajdhani College of Engineering and Management (MBA)
47 Regional College of Management (Engineering)
48 Regional College of Management (MBA)
49 RJ School of Management (MBA)
50 Rourkela Institute Of Management Studies (Engineering)
51 Rourkela Institute of Technology, Kalunga (MBA)
52 Rourkela Institute Of Technology,Kalunga (Engineering)
53 S.S.N Ayurvedic & Research Institute,Paikamal,Bargarh
54 Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology, Burla(Engineering)
55 Saraswat Institute Of Management
56 Sundargarh Engineering College, Sundargarh (Engineering)
57 Tapaswini Institute of Information Technology,Kansbahal (Engineering)
58 Temple City Institute Of Technology & Engineering (MCA)
59 Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (VIVTECH) (Engineering)
60 Xavier Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (Engineering)


OutSide Colleges

Sl# College Name
1 Indian Institute of Technology,Madras